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In Hero Fighter, you can toggle the game quality by pressing Shift+H.


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Today marks the first playable release of Hero Fighter, namely Hero Fighter v0.1. Check it out at http://www.herofighter.com/ (opens in new window).

Currently the playable characters are Lucas, Drew and Shawn. As shown in the demo video, the gameplay is similar to Little Fighter 2 (new window), but with a whole new style. Differences include:

  • energy (tiredness) bar
  • "platforms" (able to stand on large objects)
  • riding system
  • able to be hit when on ground
  • others

As with LF2, Hero Fighter still holds many secrets yet to be discovered, even at this early stage. So, get out there and have fun.

p/s: character profiles will be updated with the movelist in the near future, in the meantime, feel free to email us regarding any unlisted inputs if you want them put up.