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In order to open a public Room Server for Hero Fighter, one must port forward his router.


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Today Marti released another update of Hero Fighter. Version 0.2.1 has been updated with a number of features. The game now shows a summary after each battle ends, similar to Little Fighter 2, and it now includes the army system with a soldier character. Some tuning (all of them weakening) have been done to the hero characters:

  • Shawn's Spread Shot mp 12% -> 18%
  • Drew's Mach Punch mp 40% -> 50%
  • Drew's Shoulder Charge - Weaken
  • Jenny's Energy Drill - More permeable to multiple opponents
  • Gordon's Crush Strike mp 50% -> 55%

Future updates to Hero Fighter will include more army units such as archers and cavalry. Army formations and larger maps are also in the making.