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Room Server v0.7 - Mod v1.0a by MangaD
Room Server v0.7 - Mod v1.0a by MangaD

Download here.

This is an improved version of the original Room Server.

Important note: For opening a Room Server to public, you need to port forward your router. There are many guides on how to do it, but each case is slightly different. Here is a guide you can try. If you still have problems with this step, you can join us on IRC, located in this page, and there might be someone there who can help you better.

Change log (Click to View)
Bugs in the original Room Server v0.7 that were fixed (Click to View)
Bugs in the original Room Server v0.7 that were NOT fixed (Click to View)
Default Settings (Click to View)
Improvements and Changes (Click to View)
New features (Click to View)

This Room Server uses version control, so it needs internet connection in order to work. This way it is also possible to stop outdated versions from working in case they have a serious bug or undesired feature(s).

Special thanks to So Louis, Choco Sundae and Ben Wang for translating the new interface to Chinese. And very very special thanks to Marti Wong for making this awesome game!

Note: This project is currently stopped due to HF's current circumstances. However, bug reports and suggestions are still appreciated and patches might be made if necessary.

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