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Son of War Story
Posted this on LFE, now posting this here.

The Beginning of a new story, Yeah, Note: This Story is from a roleplay that me and my friend Ranipla do, so yes.

The Cj Sky Gun Saga (Click to View)
Yes this is a Minecraft Story, but wait? Is it only Minecraft?

Also let me just clear up a few things:
Amadis only trained because he was asked to, he eventually started to like fighting.
Cj does NOT stand for Carl Johnson, lol.
This is a roleplay me and my friend Ranipla did, yes he is a real person.
The reason I myself am a hero in this is simple, it was born in a roleplay...Well the story was.
[End Explanation]

Oh you wan't the looks too don't you? Sure, Oh wait you wan't info as well? Okay:
Don't mind the weirdness on the first saga, it will get more interesting as it goes on.
Have a Bad Past? Ignore it.
Want a Better future? Make it.
Why look at the sad past and become weak?
When you can look at your future and become strong?
Don't let anyone else control your Future, make your own future, control your own future
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