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HF v0.7 "Official" Rooms
It has been been 2-3 years since the HF Official Rooms were taken down. Since then, the player population started decreasingly dramatically. Until eventually almost no one played the game. Unfortunately creating rooms is not an easy task for most players, making the official rooms - ie. rooms that are open 24/7 - invaluable.

Thanks to @Lord Silva, having "official" rooms in Europe again became a possibility - at no cost. All I had to do was reprogram the Room Server in C++, in a lightweight fashion, so that it would work on his Linux server without consuming too much resources (RAM and CPU).

So, at this moment, and thanks to @zlyfer, @mfc and @mdsrv, we have 24/7 rooms back in Europe again! They have not yet been tested enough, so any bug reports are greatly appreciated (aside from lag which is relatively normal).

If you know of anyone who owns a linux/windows server and does not mind to run a few rooms 24/7, please let me know. USA, China, Australia, Brazil... they all need 24/7 servers.

Specs (on Ubuntu 16.04, compiled with g++ 5.4, with 5 rooms in 1 process):
  • less than 25 MiB RAM
  • 1-2% CPU (on i3)
  • 2 listening TCP ports per room
  • 4 maximum clients (connections) per room
  • 11 threads per room + main thread
I have 2 rooms running on a Raspberry Pi 3 without any issues. They consume negligible resources.


Since 9th June, these are the current statistics on the Berlin rooms usage:

Number of accounts who joined: 1099
Total time played: 600h 48m 14s.
Players who played more than 1h: 85 players. 464h 1m 23s time played.
Players who played more than 4h: 23 players. 350h 13m 18s time played.

Top 5 players by time:
  1. TheTrueHero 68h 0m 13s
  2. ★★raam★★ 65h 5m 26s
  3. Dante the devil 57h 42m 24s
  4. Dr.Death 16h 13m 18s
  5. MangaD 14h 58m 43s
Total: 5 players. 222h 0m 4s time played.

The Berlin rooms are the most popular ones, so we can safely assume that there are approximately 23 active online players and 85 casual players, with the rest being inactive or curious.
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